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Memoryteca > HOW WE WORK
Memoryteca > HOW WE WORK

 We choose a variety of games offered by manufacturers around the world that, due to their great quality, they seem to stimulate some cognitive functions.

 We have tested all these games with people of all ages in order to know which cognitive domains are involved in each. The team of experts observed them during some sessions and assessed the players’ opinions about the games: Is it funny? Are the materials pleasant? Is the length of each game suitable? Among other questions.

Memoryteca > HOW WE WORK

 The experienced Memoryteca team selects only those games which stimulate and work on at least a cognitive function and are positively approved by some expert advisors.

 Each member of the expert team analyzes the games and tests them with their own patients.

Memoryteca > HOW WE WORK

 The games are classified according to the cognitive function that stimulate, age and pathologies for which they would be suitable. To conclude, some suggestions and advices to create difficulty levels are included. The whole information and materials provided turn the games into therapeutic tools.

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